The Clubhouse

Records of the very first clubhouse albeit rented, showed it being down towards Barmouth Harbour. By the end of the 1890's, a main railway station was completed as part of the Ynys Faig Estate under the auspices of Mr Robert McDougal. However when it came to giving the station a name, the villagers approached Mr McDougal expecting him to have kept the name Ynys Faig. Much to their surprise he had already decided on the name and produced nameboards etc and hence the name of Fairbourne.

As part of the development of Fairbourne, a Clubhouse for the golf club was built on the end of the last property at the northern end of the village in around 1910 and whilst it was timber clad in those days, it is now built of solid stone.

Since the revival of the golf club in 1995, the club has grown in popularity. It is open every weekday from mid May until the end of October and on Wednesdays and weekends throughout the year. The clubhouse is open to non - members and the general public where you can purchase a snack or have full meal. If you wish to book the clubhouse for private party we have seating for 60+. At present the clubhouse only has a table licence.

Socials are held from time to time so bringing the community and golfers closer together. The clubhouse is open from 9am for food and the hiring of clubs, but generally will close at 6pm but this time will vary during the Summer and holiday periods according to custom and weather.

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